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Soukou Musume Senki (LBX Girl): 1x10

For this World?

Among government officials and leaders of the defense corps, Rico and his troupe were called “Jaguar Note Corps” because of their achievements, and before they knew it, they became an elite unit of armored daughters who carried the fate of humankind. They were dignitaries who were looking forward to the “Switch” they brought from Kyoto being delivered safely to the Lab Five in Fukuoka, but the Rikos who made the landing in Kyushu forgot their mission and said that they were local gourmet. There is no sign of reaching at all, such as enjoying the tourist spots or rushing to help people. In the midst of frustration, there is an urgent report that the largest mimesis in the history of observation, which struck the Kitakyushu industrial area, has restarted.

Soukou Musume Senki (LBX Girl) Episode 10
Mar. 11, 2021