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Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (2020): 1x8

Cotton-Deceiving Chapter, Part 4

Rika has suddenly gone missing and Satako coldly suspects Keiichi, who was the last one to talk with Rika, but Mion says that she saw Rika speaking with some men in construction uniforms. While looking for Rika, Mion pulls Keiichi away from a locked silo and indirectly informs Keiichi that Rika is trying to kill people and that she needs to put an end to string of murders occurring, which is being led by the Three Great Families. Later at Mion’s house, Keiichi confesses to what happened during the festival, to which she explains that most people already know and think he should be punished. Mion promises to help Keiichi and takes him to her family’s underground bunker to show him that torture rituals still secretly occur in Hinimizawa, and proceeds locks him in the bunker, explaining that she’s trying to protect him. Mion confesses her love to Keiichi and tells him to explain that he was her victim if things go wrong. Mion takes a gun to fight against intruders that have entered into the property. Keiichi tries to break out of the bunker but passes out after bashing his head repeatedly against the door. After being rescued and released from the hospital some time later, Oiishi informs Keiichi that Oryo Sonozaki, Kimiyoshi, and Shion’s bodies were all found in a well in the underground bunker, Rika’s body was found in the locked silo, and Mion and Satako were found dead beside each other in the Sonozaki house. Keiichi questions if Mion was really trying to protect him or if she was the one behind all of the murders.

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (2020) Episode 08
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (2020) Episode 08
Nov. 19, 2020